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Korea in Brief

Korea is a nation that boasts of a fast growing economy and a lifestyle that perfectly combines the old and the new. Once known as a quiet nation in the East, the peninsula now hardly rests, pulsating with life and commerce. Several subsidiaries of international corporations and businesses as well as most western franchises can be found nationwide. Even in the face of modernity, however, Koreans still greatly value their 5 millennia of culture and history and Confucian philosophy that guided the lives of their ancestors. Its natural beauty combined with unique cultural heritage preserved for thousands of years and amiable people makes Korea an even more attractive place to visit. Many global events take place here annually including the 2002 FIFA Football World Cup, the APEC Summit 2005, and G-20 Seoul Summit 2010 to name a few.
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Seoul in Brief

Seoul is a mega-modern metropolis with approximately 10 million residents. Seoul's 600 years of history as Korea's capital has allowed for the natural co-existence of a diverse cultural heritage with a modern technological and industrial might and considered the heart of culture, education, politics and economics. Currently, more than 50 percent of events in Korea are hosted in the national capital every year. With its proven ability to hold numerous international conventions successfully, Seoul remains at the core of Korea's convention industry. According to a press release from the Union of International Association Statics in August 2006, Seoul held
103 international meetings in 2005 and was ranked as the 9th most popular convention destination across the world. Even though Seoul is viewed as a global landmark of modernity, it is still home to numerous relics from the past. Unique historical sites such as Gyeongbok Palace and Namdaemun, can be found harmoniously coexisting here with modern cultural attractions such as the shopping districts of Myeongdong and Apgujeong.

Korean Food


Food is definitely one of Korean greatest draws. To experience Korean food is to experience both Korean taste and culture. Known for its distinctively diverse flavor, wonderful appearance, and excellent nutritional value, Korean food is loved by people throughout the world. Since different provinces have different characteristics, one can find the same food with different spice as they travel throughout the country. In fact, you will find Korean food more delicious as you get to know further.